Cupid's Chase 5K Philadelphia

On February 13th, I volunteered to photograph the Cupid's Chase 5k at the Philadelphia Zoo. The day started just after sunrise as people collected their shirts and packets. There was a refreshment table with a variety of snacks and drinks which people seemed to very much enjoy. The day was definitely a cold one with a wind chill of -16˚F so everyone was taking advantage of the warmth from the inside building. 

The race started at around 8am where people started off with a great start! The ladies outran the guys and the first and second finishers were female (girl power!). The guys soon followed behind. The first place winner finished the 5K in about 18 minutes! What an awesome, fun-filled day! 

The Cupid's Chase 5K raises money to support people with disabilities. If you wish to donate and learn more about this awesome organization, visit