Neewer C-300 Light Kit Review

Yesterday, I received my very first studio light kit in the mail! I've used Neewer products before, such as their reflectors and speedlite flashes. I was always pleased with them and the prices were amazing! 5 years ago, I bought a Neewer Speedlite for my very first wedding I was hired to photograph and I still use the flash today! The batteries don't really last that long but still an amazing flash for $30.

I decided to purchase the Neewer light kit because of a new job and they were a lot cheaper than other companies. The kit came with 2 600 watt studio lights with 2 sync cords and power cords, 2 50x70 softboxes, 2 light stands, 1 radio transmitter and receiver, and 1 carrying bag.

The first thing I noticed about the lights was that it didn't come with a cover to protect the strobe and modeling light bulb. Which isn't really a big deal, just means I have to be extra careful when traveling with them and storing them.

It's very easy to control the power with a dial and has the ability to turn the modeling light off and on. One of the biggest downfalls with these strobes is the BEEEEP. When the strobe is fully charged again, it makes a loud beep, telling you that it's ready to shoot again. There's no way to turn it off and I'm very concerned about my employers and clients getting annoyed with it, especially when taking multiple shots in a row.

But other than that, these lights are POWERFUL. I had the power turned down to the lowest setting and shot the image of my succulent at 1/125th at f16, iso 200. These lights are great for photographers looking for their first studio lights at a great price. Just hope Neewer fixes the beeping or at least have it so you can turn it off manually. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Below is the Amazon link if you are thinking about purchasing!

Neewer 600W Photo Studio Monolight Strobe Flash Light Softbox Lighting Kit with Carrying Bag for Video Shooting,Location and Portrait Photography(300DI)