Second Semester Review

Well I have officially finished my first year of school and am halfway to obtaining my degree in photography! 

This semester was a huge step from my first. We started working with digital, and although I have been working with digital for about 4 years, I basically had to start over learning completely new things with color photography. A lot more went into it than I originally thought. This semester was really about covering the basics with digital photography and digital printing.

It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait for my next semester to start in the fall!

All photographs are property of Jackie Pursell.

Check out my work from this semester below:


Visualization and Community Service

The photo of the girls hugging was for my photojournalism class for the Visualization assignment. For the assignment, we had to take photos and use a single word to describe it. I decided that joy best described the image.

For the Community Service assignment, we had to volunteer our services for an event. I got in touch with Cupid's Chase 5K in Philadelphia and they allowed me to come along.

Hands in Action

We had to photograph the hands working in action.


We had to produce two different images that were monochromatic, meaning mostly containing the same tones.

Character Portrait (Hands)

For the character portrait, we had to photograph someone that showed character and then also a close-up of one of their best features. I chose the hands for this portrait, to show off her beautiful jewelry!


For the couples assignment, we could show family members or 2 people in a relationship. The first one features my two younger brothers, and the second features my friends Adam and Ashley.


This assignment was one of my favorites to shoot. We had to use the lighting from the sunset to light the mood of a scene and this one came out the best. 

Model: Erik


With the same requirements as sunset, we had to use the light from a sunrise. I chose to backlight these flowers on a tree and really liked the outcome.

Face-off for Autism

This assignment was another one for my photojournalism class where we attended a charity hockey tournament at Ice Line in West Chester, PA.

In the Manner of

This assignment was for my portraiture/lighting class where we had to create an image inspired from another photographer. This photo was inspired by Lauren Naylor Photography. I used natural window lighting for this photograph and a fog machine to create the illusion of steam.

Model: Shannon

Mini Portfolio

For my mini portfolio, I chose to photograph girls all with different types of flowers to symbolize their personality. I also had lipstick match the color of the flowers they posed with.

Models: (Roses) Sarah, (Purple Aster) Julia, (Country Poms) Katie, (Pink Poms) Ashley, (Sunflowers) Natalie, (Hydrangeas) Lauren, (Tulips) Bri.

Photoshop Final

For my final project in my photoshop class, we had to photograph a project and use a technique learned in class throughout the semester. I chose to photograph lotion and overlayed a photograph of rain.


This photograph was one of the outtakes from my mini portfolio and felt the need to include this one. Her gaze brings me in every time. Definitely one of my absolute favorites from this semester.

Model: Sarah.